New Orleans Jazz Orchestra in Moscow

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra in Moscow

On the set at Mosfilm Studios filming TV Series “Great Jazz”

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new website.  I wanted to start things off with the latest exciting news: I’ve been filming a Russian TV series in Moscow with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.  We just finished our first leg of the trip and we’re home on our “American Vacation” before the second leg.  The “vacation” includes our performances at jazz fest, along with several other fun gigs we all have booked for the short time we have in the states.

We had a very interesting time in Moscow, and I can’t wait to post more about my experience there as a musician.  Be on the look out for an interesting post about jazz and its “image.”  I talk about this a lot (gave a lecture to some FSU Summer Camp Students a while back), and recently got another first-hand experience!

For now, this site will serve as my blog and professional website while I am working on my official website.  I would LOVE to have feedback from the viewers, so feel free to contact me, comment, and share any posts you find interesting!  It’s in the works, so stick with me!