The Kaleidoscope Dream is my mission statement and life’s prayer, and it in the process of manifesting itself through a series of musical pieces.  This work has been in the making for several years now, but it is patiently coming together.  Check back for more news about this endeavor that will hopefully soon be aural experience.


Kaleidoscope Dream

Looking ahead through a kaleidoscope
So beautiful, so many pieces, which one is mine?
Maybe not once piece, maybe a segment
Maybe not a section, maybe the pattern as a whole
Who is to assign a place but me?
Limitless expectations, endless opportunities
Looking through one dream encompassing

so many facets.

The Creator put each piece in place

for a reason.

Without each part, a merely colored telescope ensues.
Without the Light, the dream remains

without essential Illumination.

Seeking the beauty without luminous necessity,
Searching for buried treasure with no map.
Light and sight.

Dual components in finding the wonder and magnitude of the dream.

My prayer for guidance, focus, and wisdom.
To the Illumination and Creator,

Essential and Entire

Help me chase this…

Kaleidoscope Dream.

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